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Linda Thursby is a Wellbeing and Trauma Therapist, which is a vocation and personal calling developed since 1993. She has a wealth of experience in complementary medicine. A method made from many disciplines, it draws upon on a broad knowledge base in order to get to the root of a given issue – injury, illness, pain, emotional and mental anguish, or another source of concern. It allows Linda to utilise all of her various skills, training and qualifications to perform what is effectively an “MOT for the human body”.

Linda became the first certified BodyTalk practitioner in the UK in 1996 and the first of her kind to offer the unique insights provided in the combination of the various fields of study.

Her professional background comprises time spent as a sports therapist with a diploma in remedial massage, specialising in correction of pelvic misalignment, skeletal or spinal problems.

She is also able to share the nurturing insights she has gained from being an experienced mother of three. In combination with myofascial release therapy and therapeutic ultrasound (for the treatment of soft tissue and muscle), Linda possesses the full toolkit to discover which areas of your body aren’t functioning at their best, help mitigate any problems, and let your body work in unison with itself.

Linda’s interest in trauma relief and desire to help others stems from past experience. It began at home when her mother, suffering from ME (myalgic encephalopathy), started to partake and train in Reiki healing with the rest of the family. Witnessing and contributing to her mother’s recovery process may have been the initial spark of inspiration.

It was after a personal injury, however, that Linda began to dedicatedly pursue this path. An active youngster, she took part in a number of different sports and one day had a nasty fall during a bout of horse-riding. Initially there was no sign of any problem, and Linda carried on with her education and sporting life.

However, she soon became dependent on painkillers to get her through some neck pain she was experiencing while participating in sporting events. Almost 24 years later, problems with Linda’s neck reached a new level of discomfort. It took months of visits to experts before an X-ray revealed a C2 (hangman’s) fracture, a serious injury which came about as a result of that past trauma. This in large part explains why Linda is so invested in providing her therapies. She has seen first-hand the long-term consequences of misdiagnosis resulting from an incomplete, unconnected view of the body.

The results experienced by visitors to the Barn Therapy Centre are a constant source of inspiration, too. Treatment often starts with an individual, but frequently ends up extended to whole families, young and old alike. A significant portion of Linda’s clientele are sourced through prior visitors spreading the word about the relief they have found for their ailments, and their renewed zest for life. Seeing happy faces, problems relieved and measurable improvements in wellbeing is more than enough justification for the job.

Arrangements for corporate environments featuring lectures and demonstrations are also available, so whole teams of professionals can benefit from Linda’s approach.

The Barn Therapy Centre is nestled 4 miles outside of Norwich, within a beautiful barn environment. The services provided are suited to all shapes and sizes: old or young; businesspeople or sports persons; parents or teachers; women pre- and post-pregnancy; carers and medical workers. Sessions can be arranged according to a client’s choice, or their particular requirements at the time of booking.

So, whether stressed, experiencing anxiety,  depression, bereavement, suffering from physical trauma (past or present) or requiring a general body maintenance check, there’s much to learn from Barn Therapy. Don’t hesitate to get your full-body MOT today.

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Linda helps others to maximise their potential and wellbeing through treating the whole body with a combination of therapies at the Barn Therapy Centre.