Body Talk

Body Talk

Developed by Dr. John Veltheim, the BodyTalk System™ is an exciting and dynamic form of healthcare that treats the body non-invasively.

Through the rigours of day-to- day life, our bodies’ energy systems become imbalanced. BodyTalk combats this by understanding the body as a connected whole, not just looking at the symptom but at the entire picture – physical and psychological. Re-establishing lines of communication within the body allows your energy systems to be synchronised, refreshing bodily functions and accelerating the healing process.

Linda trained with Dr. Veltheim to become the first BodyTalk practitioner in the UK during 1996. The only provider in Norfolk, Linda has studied all of BodyTalk’s modules: Fundamentals, Principles of Consciousness, Biodynamics, Lymphatic Drainage, Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Macrocosmic Bodymind, Matrix Dynamics, BodyTalk Access and Eastern Medicine.

Here are some of the benefits of BodyTalk therapy:

  • Addresses diseases, disorders and head traumas
  • Improves concentration, memory
  • Increases personal and sports performance
  • Reduces pain and stress
  • Helps with phobias, fears, allergies and strengthens the immune system
  • Improves circulation in an area after injury
  • Improves well-being

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