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A Warm Welcome

Barn Therapy Centre offers a wide range of therapies, that are used individually or combined to produce the best result for the client. Linda offers a unique way to treat the body and mind and is guided intuitively as to what treatments to use.

If your body is your biggest investment, you will want to make sure that the investment pays off. The range of clients is diverse from children to the elderly, from corporate to professional sports people, there is a treatment for everyone.

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Popular Treatments

The treatments offered cover a wide range of traditional to modern therapies, such as BodyTalk, Pelvic Correction, Myofascial Release, Ultrasound, Reiki, and also knowledge from other courses that Linda has taken since 1993. Barn Therapy Centre is the only place in Norfolk to offer BodyTalk (trained in 1995 by John Veltheim, the founder of BodyTalk system) and Linda was the first practitioner in the UK (1996). Linda specialises in emotional and physical trauma as well offering well-being maintenance to keep the body and mind healthy.