Sciatica, Back pain and Exam Nerves
My daughters and my mother have all been to see Linda and they’ve all been very satisfied with the results. My mother with sciatica, one daughter with back ache and (and a little exam nerves) and my other daughter with back pain following a sports injury. They are quite picky and yet they are all happy to see Linda again – but havn’t suffered since!
Thank you Linda.Linda A
Increased WellbeingLinda’s therapy centre is a calm haven of peace just outside the busy bustle of Norwich. Her BodyTalk sessions are life changing, and the effect remains forever in our unconscious minds to direct our well bring and health into the future. I cannot recommend this enough to people wanting an intuitive therapist with insight and vision to help on any level. Many thanks, Linda.
Cynthia B
Hip problemsLinda is just amazing, the first time I had a Body Talk treatment I was very sceptical. But now I swear by it, Linda has helped me so much with my hip problems.
Jacqui W
Neck issueHaving had severe pains in my neck and arm my GP told me I had carpal tunnel syndrome and needed an operation. I went and saw Linda instead and with only 3 treatments of Body Talk I haven’t had the pain since. I will always go back to the Barn for any further problems.
Mike W
Parkinson’sMy wife suffers from Parkinson’s disease and we have visited Linda Thursby for the past year. She always seems to be able to put her hands on the right spot. My wife always feels better for the therapy.
Robert O
Increased WellbeingFor the same reason that none of us can really explain how email works, meaning in a second we can send a message to anywhere on earth…one can’t really explain the magic that takes place at the Barn Therapy Centre. They have the gift of healing and physical regeneration that is truly effective and non-invasive. Norwich is fortunate to have such talent at our doorstep.
Denise L
Back issues, feeling lowWell, what can I say about Linda, Having visited her many, many times over the past few years I can really say what she does is life-changing.
Going to Linda with multiple problems I wasn’t really sure anything could help, A combination of back-problems, feelings of “lowness” and an overall feeling of pretty rubbish was the task I put to her.
She made me feel calm and for the first time in years actually acknowledged what was wrong, unlike many doctors and chiropractors I had visited. The methods she used on me made me feel at ease, someone was helping,
Linda can locate the source of my problems immediately and uses the most appropriate remedy needed each time from her plethora of skills.
I know that as soon as I am beginning to feel unwell I need to visit and she gives me a boost of energy and life.
Not only does the pain I am experiencing subside but also long term Linda has worked wonders.
I would recommend her without a doubt every time as she can always make me, me again.
Kate G
Increased WellbeingThe body talk treatment that I had there was absolutely fascinating and after just one treatment, my complaint went away.

Linda is very welcoming and the environment was lovely.

I would highly recommend it.
Louisa C

Back issuesLinda is super at listening to what is the issues and finding a solution- My husband went with a poorly back and felt so much better after the visit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda- to me it is the Holistic way at looking at health which is key .
Sarah D
Car AccidentI was hit by a car in march 2009, suffering numerous physical injuries including fractured skull, smashed eye socket & hairline fracture to vertebrae. Along with this I have ongoing cognitive difficulties that affect the chemical balance and messages my brain sends. Linda has been absolutely amazing for me with this. She has and continues to provide ongoing therapy that I find both relaxing & therapeutic, helping my body and brain reconnect.
Dudley G
PregnancyLinda has also given me numerous bits of advice on alternative therapy’s not just for me but my fiancé during her pregnancy. Dudley G
Football TeamLinda spent an afternoon with our football club giving the players a 10 min treatment prior to a cup final which I believe a lot of the lads still talk about and when players get injured or have niggles they will tend to look to Linda for a solution.SIMPLY BRILLIANT!
Dudley G
StrokeI suffered from multiple strokes 9 months ago and was declared ‘brain-dead’ in effect. I had a 1 hour session and really felt improvement. Very relaxing and welcoming. Amazing techniques. I’m definitely due another visit.
Ryan D
Headaches and Back TensionAfter years of suffering from headaches and back tension after just four sessions with Linda I have been totally cured. I since used Linda to cure back problems and motivation. Thank Linda you are a star!
Nick L
General WellbeingJust being in Linda’s company is a bit of a tonic. She is so enthusiastic about helping other people and although her approach appears simple it is the product of many years of studying a number of different holistic treatments. She will assess each case and then apply the treatment/s which she considers will help most.

Her clinic is so peaceful and just to lie on the hot water mattress is almost a treatment in itself – so soothing.
John G

Tree FallFrankie my little girl fell out of a tree last year at Gressenhall and we ended up in A and E with what I thought was a possible dislocated shoulder! Luckily for me it was ex-rayed and they felt there was nothing broken but she had a nasty fall and it would be sore for some time.

The next day I took her along to see Linda and within half an hour Frankie was swinging her arm around like a windmill and smiling and laughing!

Apparently the sooner you get a strain looked at and have manipulated the quicker the recovery.

Linda is very gentle and intuitive on the way she works and she has an excellent report with children making them feel relaxed and safe.

I cannot recommend The Barn Therapy Centre highly enough.
Rosie T

Knee issueI saw Linda after taking up running and having problems with my left knee. She had already treated my wife for other issues and so I had no qualms about using her.

I was in some discomfort with my knee but was keen to carry on running. I went to a chiropractor who just told me to stop running!

After a visit to Linda and a simple pelvic alignment and I was back on the road, completed the East Coast 10k last October and am in training for the London Marathon this April.

Thanks again Linda – without you I wouldn’t be running (or raising money for good causes)!
Victor L

Leg length issueI didn’t really realise I had a back problem until Linda pointed out that my legs should look the same length! .. they were the same length, but it was my hips that were slightly out … a bit of Linda magic and voila, legs looking right and fewer bad backs … Wonderful!
Complications after car accidentI had a car accident in April 2009 and was suffering from severe constant pain 24/7 in my neck, the base of my skull and my left arm was losing strength from my elbow down to my hand. The fingers on my left hand constantly had pins and needles to the point where the feeling was going and I was struggling to hold things, open jars and the worst was holding my fork to eat.
I had had x-rays on my neck, undergone a CCT scan, numerous acupuncture sessions, physiotherapy and was on a concoction of pills for pain, to relax my muscles and help me sleep. My friend kept saying to me “Go and see Linda – she will sort you out”.
Eventually, in January 2010 in desperation, I made an appointment.
At that first session I cannot explain the effect Linda had on me. Firstly, she listened – and seemed to understand what I was going through; she believed what I was telling her and did not doubt anything.
The whole experience was SO emotional I was in tears – the relief that someone actually BELIEVED me and that I was not going mad and was seemingly able to do something to help me. I had 3 further sessions fairly close together, and by the end of that the pain in my neck, skull and arm was almost gone; the feeling was coming back into my fingers. I was no longer taking ANY medication – at the hospital they had advised me that I needed surgery on my elbow to stop the loss of feeling in my fingers!
A year on and I am back to the person I used to be – my family, friends and work colleagues can’t believe the change. I try to see Linda on a monthly basis, though this is not always possible, I fit it in when I can. Linda is such an amazing, caring and very talented person – I am fascinated by what she has done for me and what she can do for other people. All I can say is that I can never thank Linda enough for what she has done for me. After every session I feel like a “new” person – I cannot recommend her enough.
Maureen C
Back issues

I have been a regular client of Linda’s for the past year and can honestly say she is one of the best therapists I have ever been to. My lower back problem which I have suffered from for many years is now non-existant. I have already recommended Linda to my friends and family, all of whom have had the same excellent results as I have. Thank you so much Linda for improving my life!
Denise B

General WellbeingLinda is known as healing hands in our family, Linda has the warmth and beautiful personality to make you feel calm and relaxed.
The Barn its self is so peaceful and relaxed, You never want to leave!!
Lindas Magical Hands are amazing from Tapping to Hot stone treatments and so so much more.
Lindas so talented and is learning new things all the time.
Its also such a treat wether healing or just pampering.
Thankyou Linda for listening and caring love
Lisa W x
Sports InjuryI have used Linda for a number of years now, especially for help with sports injuries. She takes great care to understand the exact nature of any injury I have then works with me to encourage the healing process. I have also refered several of my clients to her as I know just how good she is.
Cynthia B
Calming InfluenceWell I call Linda Healing Hands Lady, She is one of the most lovliest ladys that makes you feel calm and relaxed.
The treatments fromm tapping, to hot stone massage to so many more are Amazing.
She also helps with PMA i THINK SHE IS A MIRACLE WORKER.We love her, and think every body should go and see her they would never look back.
Thankyou Lovely Linda xx
~Lisa W
Ankle injuryThe Barn Therapy Centre is a very warm and welcoming centre.
Linda Thursby is very caring and listens well to any injury problems that I have had.
I was recommended to visit Linda to look and my ongoing ankle injury about a year ago. Within one session my ankle was sorted and have been back a few times with other injury’s.
The Centre itself is very well set out and makes you feel relaxed.
I have also recommended friends and family to visit the Barn Centre. Linda is very good at what she does and is very knowledgeable on sports injuries.
Karl A
Back IssuesLinda is great and I would happily recommend her… in fact I have on many occasions. My mum recently went to see her with back problems and has been back since and is very happy with Linda and her treatments. Not only does Linda care about you, she also treats you as a whole. Definitely use Linda if you’re in need of a relaxing pamper or have problems with your back, knees etc – she’s a wonderful woman.
Sophie J
Headaches/MigrainesI have visited Linda twice in the last 12 months as I suffer from headaches and migraine which she assured me could be helped. I have enjoyed two incredibly relaxing body talk sessions and am pleased to report that for the most part I am headache/migraine free. I recommend Linda to all my friends and family for all sorts of different problems and they always come back completely satisfied. I’m looking forward to my next session with Linda and would highly recommend her to anyone who may have issues they would like sorting out!
Kate G
Improved wellbeingLinda Thursby is a rare treasure. A jewel in the heart, she is warm and loving and very, very skilled. She is always my first port of call in sickness and in health as she truly understands the needs of my body and soul. Thank you Linda, from my heart
x CO
Improved Wellbeing

Linda Thursby has to be the best therapist I have ever visited.

Her results are amazing and need to be tried to be believed.

The approach is both conventional and holistic therefore suiting both the sceptical and the more spiritual among us!

I try to see her on a monthly basis as she manages to top up my energy levels via the unusual but amazing body talk that Linda specialises in (a bit like eft which Paul Mckenna uses). In a nut shell after Linda finds out what your body needs it involves tapping out all your bodies rubbish (sounds crazy I know but it really works!
If you want to do one thing for yourself this year then visit Linda! Rosie T


Linda has a well earned and well deserved reputation as a wonderful therapist. She has helped my daughter on numerous occasions with headaches, backaches, teenage angst, poor concentration, poor sleeping and general malaise. I regularly tell people of her abilities.
Kate G

TeenagersLinda is excellent, she has helped my daughter on numerous occasions with back problems, poor concentration, teenage angst as well as headaches and poor sleeping. I regularly tell others about her. She has a well earned and well deserved reputation.
Kate G
Marathon trainingBarn Therapy offers excellent treatments. My first treatment along with a friends was complimentary. A fab leg massage to help us during our training for the London Marathon. It was Linda’s way of doing her bit. Linda is extremely kind with a good heart and is brilliant at what she does. She’s an excellent walking advert too as the woman glows! 🙂
Donna T
Growing PainsI took my son along to Linda as he suffers so much pain in his legs, he has hyper mobility.
Linda relaxed him & gave his whole body an M.O.T Linda then gave me a load of techniques to try with him at home which has helped immensely even though my son would prefer Linda to do them!!Linda is definitely a Trouble Shooter for The body!
Julie B
Post birth issuesI am so glad I met Linda at the Barn Therapy Centre. She really knows what she is doing and is a great lady too!
She has massively helped me and my family with Body Talk, Pelvic Correction, Myofascial Release, and Massage.
The first session I had with Linda was after having my son and I had terrible problems with my hip and she did a pelvic correction and you could feel the difference immediately.
Louise H
General wellbeingLinda is an absolutely superb therapist, very mindful to give you a treatment that is tailored specifically to what is going on with you on the day, whether physical or emotional. or of course both. 🙂 love her treatments and look forward to them on a regular basis.
Vanessa K
General WellbeingLinda is simply amazing. She puts you at ease immediately and inspires you with confidence. Her kindness shines through in everything that she does. The benefits of the treatments I had were felt within 24 hours. Highly recommended.
General WellbeingBarn Therapy Centre – Linda. She is amazing in every way.
Linda is passionate about what she does, very reassuring and has an amazing insight to mind and body and what/how to treat people.As soon as I walk into the Barn Therapy Centre I am totally relaxed, at peace and know I’m in safe hands. Linda has helped me in so many ways with the Body Talk.I have nothing but utmost respect and admiration for Linda and what she has achieved. Vanessa HBack injury

A visit to Barn Therapy was a total revelation! At last my body got the full treatment instead of a physio just concentrating on one area, everything Linda said & did made perfect sense.

The location is wonderful and instantly relaxing. Linda is friendly, personable and works extremely hard to make her clients feel better. I felt that I got total value for money and shall be back for more very soon.

It is a refreshing change to have treatment explained so thoroughly and administered with such care and attention in such a lovely environment.

Finding this type of business in Norfolk makes me even happier to live here.

Well done Barn Therapy!
Sally L

Shoulder dislocationLinda is a very gifted therapist and has a holistic approach to health and wellness when it comes to treating her clients’ aches and pains through the use of Body talk. It’s as if she understand and communicates with your body and goes straight to the root cause of the problem part and re-aligns your body, spirit and soul back to your brain – And you instantly begin to feel better and within a few minutes of the treatment you are pain free.
I had been injured through playing football with my mates, where I had a horrible collision with one of my colleagues and ended up popping my left shoulder out of place. I managed to pop the shoulder back into place and had been on three occasions to see a masseuses who gave me a really good massage and told me to wear a tuber grip for a couple of month. After the two months I was still in a lot of pain and when I couldn’t withstand the pain any longer I decided to see Linda for a treatment and the feeling was as described above. Simply brilliant!
Tosin O
Leg PainLinda is always willing to help alleviate issues that come up if she can. In the last year I have tried two new treatments on Linda’s advice and both had incredible results.

I had been in constant pain for 2 years and it all went away after having the myofascial release treatment. The MOT for the body is also another treatment I really enjoy because life’s burdens are lifted away almost effortlessly it seems and my body mind and spirit feel amazing afterwards.

I recommend Linda regularly because she has a gentle approach to treating people and is an inspiration because the treatments give great results. 🙂
Chris K

Legs – different lengthI have been seeing Linda for around 4 months now and must say how much I both enjoy my treatments and how they have helped me with my little “niggles” that are no longer there! Linda found that my legs were about 1 1/2″ different in length but with the pelvic correction I am now even again! This is a delight as my achy back has now gone. Linda is always friendly and welcoming and now I just go there for my monthly treat and top up. Her back massage is the best I have ever had.
Denise B
General WellbeingBeautiful barn, sanctuary like location.
Linda has a multitude of fascinating qualifications and has a reassuring manner that guides you to the treatment/therapy that suits the moment.She has amazing insights to what is going on and her therapies help connect your mind body and spirit so I come away feeling completely relaxed and refreshed.
Improved WellbeingI have had several Body Talk sessions with Linda over the last two years and can honestly say I feel wonderful afterwards every time. The body talk treatment I had just over a week ago was life changing and I will be forever grateful for the transformation that the treatment caused. It is amazing!!
Improved WellbeingI recently have had two ‘Body Talk’ sessions with Linda and was amazed at my body’s response. Im used to feeling better after a massage and maybe a ‘click’ or two, but this was a different experience. I must admit to having been a little sceptical as to how it might work, but have since eaten my words (or sceticism). A session is a marvellous investment of time and energy.
Shoulder imbalanceBody talk and linda, amazing. My right shoulder had always been 2-3 inches lower than my left, one session and they have been perfectly level since, no pain, no manipulation, just a totally relaxed experience. Very highly recommend x
Paula G
Fear of WaterWhen I saw Linda at first, I was working or my release of fear of water. Since my last treatment, I have had a full course of swimming lessons which I really enjoyed and I now feel comfortable with and in water. For the first time since my near drowning, at the age of 7 years old, I am now trusting in the water and it feels amazing. The most exciting part of learning to trust water was jumping in. I actually did it and then repeated jumping in 6 times. After it has been like a part of me has let go and also my inner child came out alot when I was learning to swim… Thank you Linda xxx : )
Loretta D
Anxiety, Concerntration, HeadachesBoth my daughters have suffered with back ache at various stages. My eldest daughter also suffered with anxiety, headaches and poor concerntration.

After each visit, each daughter felt pain free and much happier. The older daughter had the most dramatic results, the concerntration improved, headaches diminished, the general sense of wellbeing improved hugely. We still visit Linda on a resonabley regular basis.

Post Birth- Espisiotomy scar problemAfter giving birth to my son, 9 months later I had real pains where I had an espisiotomy and the scar tissue was really sore. I wanted some kind of relief and the hospital had told me that I would need to go back and have an operation to open me up and re stich me again.

I visited Linda and had BodyTalk and Myofascial Release and really felt like it had eased after the first session. I had another two sessions and now I can confidentlyh say there will be no need to go back to hospital. To think that if I had not known Linda, I would have gone to the hospital, been cut open, re stiched back up unnecessarily. Instead I was treated naturally and now feel pain free! Thank you so much Linda.

Post Car Crash- Wrist problemFollowing a car crash, I had hurt my wrist and it felt like a trapped nerve. I went to see Linda and had BodyTalk and Ultrasound treatment. After one session of BodyTalk my nerve freed up a lot and was less painful. It sometimes comes back but a Bodytalk session really helps and saves me seeing a doctor and being referred to the hospital. Linda Thursby is a god send.
General Balancing and Wellbeing improvementI saw Linda Thursby for an assessment and a balancing session to be more in tune wiht my physical, mental and emotional level. I experienced BodyTalk and Myofascial Release. It is wonderful to have found Linda, a Therapist who is able to pinpoint issue which are very relevant to my situation – and bring balance in key areas over a session.



In March this year, I was hit by a car which mounted the path on my walk home sustaining a fractured skull, fractured eye socket, hairline fracture to 4th vertebrae and also a break of the 5th metatarsal as well as numerous cuts and bruises and a pretty serious brain injury.

Although my memory is vague I understand from my girlfriend and family that at the time I came to see you I was irritable, suffering a lot of aches and pains, having difficulties with sleep and had been prescribed anti-depressants.

I through the advise of friends and family decided to give alternative therapy a go as the physio I had been receiving was like torture and so rushed I felt like just another number in the Tesco’s deli queue. I then was flicking through some old paperwork and found your leaflet and card, which in turn helped me remember the fantastic help you gave me with footballing aches and pains 2 years ago. On remembering this and the range of treatments offered my decision was made.

Although initially booked to receive therapeutic massage to relax me and help with my stress, depression, anxiety and sleep issues it soon became apparent that Linda can help in so many other ways, imparticular BodyTalk which has been nothing short of revolutionary in my recovery, I had reservations and believed this sort of thing to be a bit hocus pocus but wanted to give it a go as all the traditional routes were doing me no favours, the treatment and information Linda gained from the treatment is mesmerising but also what with my brain injury has also helped me to kick start a lot of “lost” memories and thoughts.

My Visits to Linda are without doubt my favourite day of the week at present as I know I will be well looked after, feel relaxed and in almost all cases will sleep like a baby following the treatments. This in turn has made coping with me a lot better for my girlfriend as she knows my irritable and irrational state I have suffered with from the accident is so much better on the days I receive treatment and it’s relaxing for her the way I sleep following the sessions.

All In All the treatments have been a massive step forward in what I hope will be a full recovery, easing my fears and also confronting some demons so I can look to move forward and feel comfortable as the post-accident me.

I would thoroughly recommend Linda for anyone suffering from a Traumatic Experience or Physical injury as her help has made me feel more in touch with my emotions and also aiding my physical recovery, I believe the saying is mind, body & soul.


D Garner


I have to say a massive thank you to Linda for her help so far, and I will definitely continue using her services.
After a Car Crash and after having my son 9 months ago – I was left with a few issues which I thought would just go away and just put up with them! After a 3 day labour and being told I could not deliver my son myself, I refused to give in and got myself in the most awkward of positions to get him out (and I managed to do it myself!) 9 months later, my neck was still tight, my right hip was painful along with my lower back and the scar tissue was extremely painful where I had my episiotomy. (Sometimes hurt just to sit down) I was told two weeks ago, that I may have to go back to hospital – but I am confident now that I will not need the appointment because Linda has helped massively. On top of the Labour issues, I was in a car accident and my right hand side of my body and neck were very tight too.
So far, Linda has done a bodytalk and myofascial release, massage and a pelvic correction.
What can I say? I had so many things going on with my body, it took a couple of session for my body to adjust – but I feel so much better already. I have not had a headache for over a week, and was getting them most days with the pain coming from my back and neck.
I would absolutely recommend using Linda, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone or log onto her website for more information. How often do we MOT a car? Every year I would hope…. How often do we MOT our health? Well worth the money.
Thanks Linda, keep doing what you do, we appreciate it


L Harris


Having previously had treatments from Linda, mainly to just “balance out” my whole body system, I felt there were specific issues that I needed to address.

These included strengthening my self confidence and ridding any inhibitions I had about public speaking.

Once this target session had started, I immediately felt relaxed and safe with Linda’s professional manner and it wasn’t too long before I started to drift off, in a deeper level of consciousness.

Body Talk is a wonderful therapy. Without fully understanding how it works, the results are quite remarkable.

Within two days at the very most, after a slightly “thick” head for an hour or so after Linda’s treatment, the difference in my thought process and clarity are truly significant, as though a fog has been lifted from my mind.

Linda Thursby is a truly gifted therapist, who is passionate and committed to her work and the people she treats.


S Emmerson


I just feel that I have to tell you what an amazing experience Wednesday was for me.

When I left you I felt taller, more rounded, energised & ready to face the world again.
I understand completely how people leave you and stop taking their medication.

Over the last couple of days I have felt contented & as though I have a little of my sparkle back. I can’t even begin to tell you how fantastic that feel after so many years of feeling numb.

Henry loves the tapping & is happy for me to do it to him & indeed for him to do it to me in return 🙂
I came to you in the hope that I might find some relief from tennis elbow & “wow” I’ve been completely bowled over by the affect you have had on my depression.


Caroline S

I can’t recommend or thank Linda of The Barn Therapy Centre enough; Linda treated me after I sustained a serious head/facial injury. My jaw was shattered in several places, after it had been rebuilt and pinned I had excruciating pain and discomfort and I still found speaking and eating almost impossible, I had reached an all time low, with all my self confidence gone. Linda performed Body Talk and the results were almost instantaneous. The pain in my face and jaw went and the muscles around my jaw settled and started to work correctly. My consultant was absolutely amazed; he couldn’t believe the improvement in my looks and speech. She is amazing and the treatment is so relaxing and painless. Thank you so much Linda, you have really helped on my road to recovery.
Beverley B

I have had several Body Talk sessions with Linda over the last two years and can honestly say I feel wonderful afterwards every time. The body talk treatment I had just over a week ago was life changing and I will be forever grateful for the transformation that the treatment caused. It is amazing!!


C Kerrs

Linda cares about her client’s wellbeing and this shines through with every treatment she provides. I have enjoyed treatments with Linda and when suffering with a very bad shoulder which stopped me driving, she did a home visit. Anyone wishing a relaxing and pleasurably experience should seek out Linda at the Barn therapy centre.Debi H
Linda is a miracle worker. She has an amazing store of techniques – from the mainstream massages to the less-well-known, such as BodyTalk – to help you feel better, and all that in a lovely studio and tranquil environment. Better still, she listens, tunes in and is a calming presence.
Cassie T
“Linda is professional attentive to details and gets results, this has worked where others have failed. I am now pain free. Wonderful and relaxing to boot.”
Linda has consistently improved my well being with Body Talk. I have always left feeling lighter, in balance and with a greater understanding of how my body talks to me. If you haven’t tried Body Talk with Linda I can highly recommend that you do.

I had 2 sessions there (hot stones massage and energetic massage)! Both of them helped me a lot and I felt much better after. I was also taught some exercises to stretch my back due to sciatica and it did work well!!!!I would recommend this place to anybody who needs it!
Anton A

Muscular problems which existed for many years were very sympathetically treated by Linda and the aches and pains have reduced very considerably following her treatments. I love the hot water mattress on her couch – so comfortable and relaxing.
John G
Being very sceptical of holistic therapies, I approached Linda only after the hospital and local chiropractor failed to help my wife. We were both surprised and amazed that within 48 hours my wife could walk perfectly normally, something she had not been able to do for the previous 6 months without considerable pain. I cannot recommend Linda highly enough. We have seen her several times over the last few years and she has been amazing.
V Ling
Hi there. I am a make up artist in Norwich and had been recommended to Linda Thursby after having had a very busy year!! My back was very sore she is the loveliest lady I have had the pleasure to meet and whatever she did to me was the most relaxing experience. And no more back pain!! She is a natural healer and a true star, I really feel she should win this award x
L Wilson
Linda is undeniably passionate about her chosen business and has a natural flair for it. I had a couple of sports massages before running the London Marathon this year which were great. One of which was complimentary as it was Linda’s way of supporting people who were running for charity. Would thoroughly recommend her business to anyone and have.
Donna T
Excellent massage treatment for sports injuries and general aches and pains. Highly recommended. Linda certainly knows how to get to the route of a problem and her treatment sorted out both a back and shoulder injury for me.
C Browning
After years of endless journeys to various establishments to get my back sorted out, the pelvic correction is the best treatment I have ever had. Not only is it a gentle treatment, it makes you feel fantastic afterwards. I was unable to walk more than 1/2 a mile without severe pain before my first visit to Barn Therapy. After the pelvic correction treatment I walked 2 miles the very next day, it was amazing. I still have issues with my back, which will never go away, but the treatments Linda provides, work for me and keep me moving. I believe Linda’s treatments work best over other treatments because she deals with the whole body not just the bit that is causing discomfort. I do not suffer from the normal aches and pains after treatment the next day either. My muscles ache immediately after treatment, but within a couple of hours the discomfort is gone. For me the discomfort after treatment was often worse than the treatment itself. Finding Linda was great because she gave me back my active life, which I will always be grateful for.
C Kerrs

I have known Linda for a while on a personal basis, and I know how good she is at what she does, but my Mother recently used her for a long standing health problem, to cut a long story short, I didnt know how much more she could take or know which way to turn.

I contacted Linda and took Mum to see her. We were there for 2 hours, and I cannot tell you how fascinating it all was. She was absolutely reading my Mums body, and the body was talking to her, it was unreal.

This morning, I went to my Mums as usual to help her get out of bed, do her meds etc, but I wasnt greeted by my Mum? It was someone else! She was in shock at the fact she got out of bed this morning with NO PAIN, she walked down her stairs with NO PAIN, she sat in her chair, and got up with NO PAIN. We both stood there and cried, I have NEVER seen my Mum like this.

We have another appointment this week to see this Angel, and I want to tell the world all about her and Body Talk………….unbelievable.

Thank you Linda xxxx