Sports Reboot

Sports Trauma

This package will help any sports person. Using a combination of 3 to 4 treatments, the body is rebooted using BodyTalk Access to help hydration and coordination. The pelvis is realigned to ensure that foundation of the body is straight and this in turn can have a dramatic effect on the posture and even performance of the sports person. Using lymphatic drainage, the legs are blasted to help release the lactic acid build up and ease aches and pains.

The feedback from this technique has been amazing “Improved personal best” “Able to run further and with less effort” “Coordination improved” “Legs feel lighter”.

Here are some of the benefits of having a Sports Reboot;

  • Realign Body
  • Ease fluid build up within muscles and joints
  • Reconnect the body to the brain to work as a team
  • Improve hydration to the body and mind
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve balance
  • Can improve sports performance