Pelvic Correction

Pelvic Correction

Your spine is literally the backbone to your health. It is supported by a vital network of muscles, ligaments and tendons. However, its greatest and most important foundation is the pelvis.

The pelvis, unfortunately, is infamously prone to instability and twisting out of alignment through the passing years. When pushed too far beyond its natural, healthy and horizontal position, the gradual misalignment can throw the whole body out of kilter. This can put enormous strain on your back as it tries to compensate. It can lead to hip and back pain, to sciatica, and even to one leg becoming longer than the other. Millions of people around the world of every age group and fitness level are affected by pelvic misalignment, though they may never know the simple cause behind their painful symptoms.

Pelvic correction helps to strengthen and balance the base of your spine, allowing the core muscles used for stability – such as your pelvic floor, hips and thighs – to be activated anew and contribute once more to proper, painless posture. In many cases, pelvic correction has been shown to generally mobilise stiff joints, improve flexibility and increase muscle strength.

Linda has spent many years as a certified sports therapist offering this kind of therapy to a broad clientele, from athletes to office workers. By assessing your posture, offering exercises and advice, and providing manual hands-on treatment, the Barn Therapy Centre will put you back on the path towards relief.

Here are some of the benefits of Pelvic Correction:

  • Realign the pelvis
  • Help with different leg lengths
  • Improve balance and strength
  • Can ease sciatica
  • Can improve flexibility
  • Can improve overall body alignment